Google My Business Cover Photo

Google My Business Cover Photo

Business cover photo

Recommended size: 1024 x 576 pixels

Adding a cover photo signals to Google that this is the image you would like people to see first in your listing.  A good cover photo is high-quality and is a great way to introduce people to your business.

The ideal recommended Google My Business (GMB) cover photo size is 1024 x 576 pixels.

Below image example with guidelines and viewport when your image will be visible in Google Search.

Download Photoshop template file here.

Google used to require that cover photos adhere to a 16:9 aspect ratio. They could be a minimum of 480 x 270 pixels and a maximum of 2120 x 1192 pixels.

This requirement no longer applies, but it’s still a good rule of thumb.

The 16:9 ratio looks excellent in Google Maps (where a lot of people will find you), and it can still be cropped into a square when it’s needed as a thumbnail. 

If you want to go a bit larger or a bit smaller, the following dimensions will also work: 

  • 854 x 480
  • 960 x 540
  • 1280 x 720 
  • 1366 x 768

Play around with different dimensions, and see what works best for you. 

NOTE: Even when you’ve added a logo and cover image, Google will still mix around your photos and you cannot control the order in which they are displayed. 

Additional photos in Google My Business

To help complete your Business Profile and make it more attractive to customers, you can add photos or videos of your shop front, products and services.

There are several types of photos that you can add to your Business Profile:

  • Logo: Help your customers recognise your business on Google. For businesses that have their basic information, such as a phone number or hours of operation, the Business Profile highlights the logo.
  • Business photos: Add different photos to highlight features of your business to attract and inform customers. Learn more about business photos.

Important: Your photos show up on Google only after you verify your Business Profile.

Add photos or videos to Google My Business

After you choose the photos or videos that you want to add to your Business Profile, make sure of the following:

Businesses with 10 or more locations can upload photos via spreadsheet.
Tip: It’s a good idea to add an exterior photo so people can recognise your business when they visit.

Photo and video upload status

After you upload a photo or video, we review it to make sure it meets our photos and videos policies. Here are some statuses you’ll find when you upload a media: 

  • Pending: The media is in either the upload or processing stage, or your profile is currently not verified. Pending media doesn’t show up on Google Search or Maps to customers.
  • Not approved: The media is flagged and has violated policies. Since it was flagged, the media doesn’t show up on Google Search or Maps.
  • Live: The media shows up on Search and Maps for customers. 

Troubleshoot logo photo issues

If your logo photo doesn’t appear, make sure that you’ve entered all of the necessary info in your Business Profile. This includes:

  • Name
  • Valid location with a street address
  • Categories
  • Phone number
  • Opening hours

If the cover photo that you select is low quality or if other sources suggest that it’s not the best photo to represent your business, a user-submitted photo may be selected instead.

Photo & video guidelines

Make sure your photos and videos follow Google’s guidelines and requirements, and comply with Google’s content policy.

Photo guidelines

Your photos look best on Google if they meet the following standards:

  • Format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  • Recommended resolution:  720 px tall, 720 px wide.
  • Minimum resolution:  250 px tall, 250 px wide.
  • Quality: The photo should be in focus and well lit, and have no significant alterations or excessive use of filters. In other words, the image should represent reality.

As mentioned, Google My Business is a tool that enables you to manage and optimize your Business Profile on Google. So to explain what Google My Business is and how it works, let’s first make sure we’re clear on what a Business Profile is.

Your Business Profile is Google’s term for your Google business listing. Business Profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search.

Creating a Business Profile is the same thing as adding a place to Google Maps — which is something that anyone can do. All that Google requires is the business name, location, and category. Once Google confirms it is not a duplicate, they will create the Business Profile for that location. The Business Profile is then open to consumers to leave reviews, add photos,ask questions, and even answer questions. The Business Profile may also get populated with information that Google pulls in from across the web.

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