Shanti Atma Yoga – Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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Bringing the love of Yoga and travel together, we believe that passion and freedom make dreams come alive. With 50/ 100 / 200 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses and Immersions we believe that you can achieve anything.

With a carefully selected teaching team with outstanding experience, we are committed and dedicated in offering our students the highest quality of yoga education and retreat experience. We believe that anything is possible when you listen to your intuition and follow your heart. Taking that leap of faith is a part of the yoga journey and we are here for you. Supporting our students thrive in their yoga journey, we like to fully prepare teachers in their knowledge, technique and confidence, all while integrating a nourishing and invigorating experience.

We believe that there is no time like the presence to grab hold of your dreams and take that first step in…well, being you and shining form the rooftop. With self care and an abundant lifestyle as our motivation, we support anyone who wants to walk this journey with us.


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Becky Khalil

Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Shanti Atma Yoga

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